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The Untold Truth About the McCutcheon Decision

Victory with your Supreme Court Brief

Can you stop police from searching your smartphone without a warrant?

This legal brief is needed to follow-up on earlier victories.

Should we stop calling IT the government?

Should we actually embrace the word government?

Should it be illegal to criticize a Congressman?

Should you be able to challenge a bad law in court without being prosecuted first?

Zero Aggression Project is now live!

Murphy's Moment

Today was to be the planned launch of the first phase of the new Zero Aggression Project website. Alas, even though we tested earlier in the week, and everything looked fine, a system conflict has cropped up at the last minute...

How You Can Benefit from the New Zero Aggression Website

Here’s how you can use ZAP’s first set of tools

The new Zero Aggression website launches on Friday!

This article describes what the site will do.

Can We Convince the Supreme Court to End Legalized Kidnapping?

We must take our next step right now, or lose our chance.

Funding The State or Post-Statism?

Reduce the taxes you pay to fund The State, and support the NEW Zero Aggression Project, which undermines statism

Defund The State and Defeat Statism

Reduce the taxes you pay to fund The State by supporting the NEW Zero Aggression Project.

Re-post: Peace on Earth, Good Will to ALL

When we think of "peace on Earth, good will to men," does this mean peace for just some parts of the planet, or all of it? Is it good will to some people, or to all?

Beta-testers needed for Zero Aggression website

It’s finally finished.

The Supreme Court Just Agreed to Hear You

Plus, good news about other briefs we filed on your behalf.

How Prosecutors Hijacked Grand Juries

A report on the Kaley v. U.S. amicus brief we filed

Status Report on the Zero Aggression Project

Six big benefits coming your way

Good, Gutless, Marginalizing, or Endangering?

The contradictory things Withdrawing Allegiance allegedly does.

Will the Feds Arrest You and Freeze Your Assets?

Our next legal brief could prevent this from happening...

Consent Chronicle: Previewing the New ZAP Heuristics Page

How best can we present new ideas?

Your Brief Against Treaties that Create New Laws

Do treaties trump your Tenth Amendment rights?