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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

Consent Chronicle: Previewing the New ZAP Heuristics Page

We’ve finished beta-testing the new homepage for the Zero Aggression Project (ZAP). Now you get to see it too. We’ll be showing the new site to you in stages. Here’s the strategy behind the part you’ll see today . . .

Problem: How best can we present new ideas?

Potential methods . . .

  • Books?
  • Essays?
  • Videos?
  • Lectures?

Our new ZAP homepage will try something different . . .

Interlocking Heuristics

A heuristic (hyoo-ris-tic) is any idea that helps you to make quick, accurate decisions.

  • Chess masters use heuristics to choose superior moves with less effort
  • We hope you can use these Zero Aggression-based heuristics to help others think more clearly about government

The new ZAP homepage will have rows of icons . . .

  • Hover your cursor over an icon and you’ll see the name of an idea
  • Choose an icon and you’ll see the text for that idea
  • Each item will be somewhere between 50 and 500 words and will cross-link with the other items
  • Readers will be able to read the heuristics in order or jump around randomly

We want to . . .

  • Create a one-stop-shopping page for the most important ideas related to a Zero Aggression-based society
  • Enable people to absorb each idea quickly and easily

We want to provide you with a leveraged way to share your ideas . . .

It’s good when someone agrees with you on an issue. But what if they arrived at your positions on their own? What if they did so on issue after issue? Wouldn’t that be great? If you teach people . . .

  • Your method of thinking...
  • Rather than having to win policy agreements one small step at a time...
  • You’ll be one giant leap closer to gaining a new philosophical ally.

We see this as a potential cure for what we call The Rubber-band Effect.

  • Have you ever had a conversation where you felt you were gaining ground?
  • Did those gains seem to disappear the next time you saw this person?

We think this happens because your conversation partners stop talking with you and return to a world deluged with statist propaganda. We think employing the heuristics on our new homepage could counter this problem. Think of it this way . . .

Instead of giving people fish, we want to teach them HOW to fish.

You’ll see the first SEVEN heuristics today. More will follow, as will additional tools, including new campaigns using our powerful new polling software. To get started, visit

We’re still in the testing phase, so you can send us feedback at Please include your browser version and operating system when you do.