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You don't coerce or injure others. Why can politicians do it?

Downsize DC Foundation Annual Report

We have been way TOO busy at the Downsize DC Foundation. So we're VERY late getting you this 2014 annual report.

Last year, our wonderful supporters funded the following...

  • 2.0 and 3.0 of our Zero Aggression Project (ZAP) website (launching soon!)
  • Amicus briefs in six court cases (listed below) that produced three victories!
  As you may recall, the Zero Aggression Project intends to...
  •  Find and recruit new libertarians.
  • Move others in a libertarian direction.

Most libertarian educational efforts...

  • Focus on practical questions of public policy.
  • Provide valuable education, but do NOT aim to recruit and activate new supporters.
  The Zero Aggression Project is different...
  •  We place moral arguments first, and practical arguments second.
  • We DO aim to recruit and activate new supporters -- mere education is not enough.

We produced Version 1 of the ZAP site in 2013. That taught us a lot. We tested, with some of you, Version 2.0 last year. That taught us more.

We spent the last seven months on a complete redo -- Version 3.0. This involved writing vast amounts of new content, software tweaks, and fresh design features. We’re now internally testing.

We hope to beta-test in the next couple of weeks and launch the site for public use in the next few weeks. You will be pleased with the result.

Last year, we also filed six amicus briefs...

1. Hedges vs. Obama (filed January 23, 2014) Can you be sent to military detention without charges? The unconstitutional 2012 NDAA allows it! We asked the Court to hear the case and strike it down. After an initial victory in district court, in April, a higher court declined to hear the case.

2. Susan B. Anthony List vs. Driehaus (filed March 3, 2014) The Ohio Election Commission censored a billboard by the Susan B. Anthony List. We fought for the First Amendment on their behalf and WON UNANIMOUSLY in June!

3. U.S. vs. Wurie (filed April 9 2014) If you’re arrested, can the police search your phone without a search warrant? We said no, and argued that the Fourth Amendment protects your PROPERTY rights. We received a unanimous VICTORY, but the ruling did not rely on our property argument.  

4. Heien vs. North Carolina (filed June 16, 2014) Is a search of your car valid if the police pull you over by mistake? We argued that your Fourth Amendment PROPERTY rights should protect you from police error. Our side lost 8-1. But experience has taught us that the Court often needs to hear a unique argument many times before getting it.

5. Heller vs. DC (a.k.a, Heller III) (filed September 9, 2014) Do you surrender your right to self-defense just because you live in a big city? We argued that the Second Amendment applies EVERYWHERE, and that cumbersome firearms regulations are unconstitutional. Decision pending.   

6. Luis vs United States (filed November 26, 2014) Federal courts claim the government can confiscate property of the accused -- even if it was unrelated to the alleged crime! This robs the accused of resources to mount a defense. We asked the court to end this injustice. Decision pending.  

We also won a Supreme Court victory on a brief filed in 2013…

McCutcheon vs. FEC -- On April 2, 2014 the Supreme Court ruled there are NO LIMITS on the number of candidates you may support.

We're grateful for the support we received last year. And we’re proud of our accomplishments. But the best is yet to come!

To those who gave, thank you. We hope you continue to support us 2015.

For those who haven't yet given, you can help us accomplish even more.

Please make a generous, tax-deductible contribution using our secure web-form, for the new Zero Aggression Project.  

Thank you,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC Foundation (coming soon, the Zero Aggression Project)